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RTX 3060 LHR V2 minig Results?

Could someone test the new RTX3060 V2 LHR graphics card on mining cryptocurrencies such as: Ravencoin, ERGO, CORTEX, BEAM, SUPERSERO, AETERNITY, CONFLUX, GRIM, and write the results.

Are there any problems and limitations with mining using an algorithm other than Etchash?

Ergo 105.9, ETH 26 I believe


116 Mh/s on Windows but I do encounter issues with drops in hashrate randomly


26.89 Mh/s

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can you explain a little how you did this? what’s the final core/mem number on the card?

I’ve done some testing with my EVGA 3060XC V2 this week and this is what I’ve found…

Ergo 116-119 - I’ve been able to run it stable at 102watts, but it does randomly seem to drop and I’ve had to increase the wattage to 114 to get it to maintain 115+.

Right this minute my settings are: Core -500, Mem 2700, PL 114 and its running at 50 degrees temp wise Using NBMiner.

RVN - 23-24 MH using EVGA 3060 XC using 135watts of power.

Right now my best RVN Settings are: +250 core, Mem 2200, PL 135. Usually runs around 52-53 degrees temp wise.

Haven’t tested Conflux yet, planning to do that this weekend.

ERGO seems to be very time-consuming to find the right OC’s that will hold steady and stable. RVN was much simpler to lock in its best settings comparatively speaking.

I have an MSI 3060 I just got that I’m planning to test this week as well, it seems already that it will require different OC’s for each Algorithm than the EVGA card does.


it works on riser x1 ?

it works on riser x1 ?

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yes, works on x1 riser


Thanks, I’m looking for the oc for rvn a few days ago

[image] :slightly_smiling_face:

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this is lhr v2?

Thank you, you saved me a lot of time

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