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RTX 3060 LHR Tips

Hey, i recently got 3 of the RTX 3060 with LHR, and i was trying to mine ETH. But i wish for some tips about OC and what to mine aswell… 2x 3060 GALAX v2 (new protection) and 1x 3060 ASUS v1 (works with the driver unlock).

My setup full on HiveOS are doing 32MH/s per GPU v2 and 26MH/s on the v1… Using Nbminer and lhr on 68.

If you have 3060 - you are here → 3060 - Full mining speed - 50mh Unlock (Repeatable) - #22 by Zdenko

Hmm that’s kinda odd… And there is a lot of people who said that it didn’t work :confused:

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