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RTX 3060: latest update 0.6-203@210515 very unstable

The latest update 0.6-203@210515 with lolminer 1.29 is very unstable, reboots at irregular intervals. But if it runs, the Hashrate is round about 35 MH


In my case, after setting correct OC they work stable ~ 36-37 MH (driver 360.39)

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Es verdad es muy inestable, logre tenerlo mas estable configurando el OC de cada tarjeta.

core 1400
luego reiniciar el minero, es mejor si lo configuras con el minero en stop

What OC settings are you using?

I’ll try these settings, thanks…have now 36-37 MH…hope this is stable

mine is stable for like 3 days already
core 1450
mem 2150
pl 105
i got few cards that are running on pl 100

overall - 6x3060 - under 600watts
temps are under 60c
fan is 55

How did you get that version of the OSI can’t find it.

latest Hive OS will work, the driver is that matters!
460.39 - if you have that driver - than you will see the 35-37mh

actually, I have a REV 2 card, wont work at all even with that driver and the new OS.