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RTX 3060 HiveOS sees twice the power

I’m running a 3060 in a desktop machine until my mining gear all shows up. I’ve been getting about 26MH consistently with 126w usage and temps in high 50’s low 60’s. I have a second identical card and tried that in the same rig but it was DOA- HiveOS didn’t even see it in dmesg or lspci. Put the original card back in and it’s back to it’s previous performance. But now the rig shows that it’s using about 250w vs the 126w that the card reflects. Is there a way to see if there might be some kind of ghost entry for that other card? What would cause this? I’ve not hooked it up to a killowatt yet but I’m pretty sure the card is drawing 126w as HiveOS is telling me. Any ideas?

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