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RTX 3060 hash rate dropped from 36Mhz to 26Mhz

I am running HivesOS through Linux. RTX-3060 has driver 460.39. A couple weeks ago I upgraded Hives to 0.6-217@220516. I now get the following error msg:

NVAIP init failed.
Failed to initialize Nvidia health libraries.

The RTX 3060 has dropped from 36Mhz to 26Mhz. I tried to go back one update, but that did not work. Not sure what to do now. Can anybody help?

update to the latest stable image and go from there. either with hive-replace -s or via download and flash with rufus/balena

Did you updated recently Hiveos version 0.6-217@220524? My 3080ti encounter same problem

Thanks…but I am not sure what you mean by rufus/balena

I am at 0.6-217@220524 and I am receiving the same problem.

Flashing the image file onto the drive with your pc using balena etcher or Rufus

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Thanks for the reply. But I think I might have messed up. I submitted the command hive-replace -s under Hive Shell. I then reinstalled the 0.6-217@220524 upgrade. My RTX-3080 is at 48.65Mhz which is great. However, nothing displays on the miners monitor except the cursor. I have to use Hive Shell to see what is going on. I’ve been booting using my USB. Do you think hive-replace might have put the system on my M.2 drive?

hive-replace will replace the current install. If you look at the bottom of your worker overview screen the first disk listed next to disk model will be what you’re booted from.

Plug your monitor into the primary nvidia card and you should get the full display output.

That did the trick…thanks. Just don’t understand why I had to switch from my motherboard monitor output to one of my nvidia monitor output.

its an xserver thing

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