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Rtx 3060 form March have worse MHs than one from June

I am mining with ETH, in fact now im testing with nicehash and is the same.
Both cards are RTX 3060 MSI GAMING X TRIO. Checking the Serial Number one is from March, the other from June, i understand the one from June have LHR.

But these are the result:

The one in 25 mhs is the one from March.
How is possible?

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Make your own research about LHR cards , Ver 1 and 2 …
Also check what driver need to have for above cards (LHR no LHR) also check what miner with what driver need to play this cards…
After this you find the answer…
This is the life of miner…
The easy thing is to help u out but the answer has many many options (all the above)…

Maybe i didn’t explicate myself correctly.

I already have try to make an underversion to any version between 455.45.01 and 460.39, but noone works, hiveos directly didn’t boot.

I test it with different config for de OC but the ones from my images are the best i can get.

Don’t you know another way?

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