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RTX 3060 Conflux CFX

Dear community,

Since there is still no news from RTX 3060 unleashed on hiveos, I’ve decided to mine Conflux like a lot of people with Hiveos. I mine on Nanopool Europe and Nanominer. I saw a lot of settings to get 45+ Mh/s with around 140watt.

I did several test according to what I read on the forum and Reddit.
My mother board is PCIe Gen. 2, do you think it could be the reason to get this low MHs/ temperature / watt ?

What I am doing wrong ?

For information, I changed pool from Nanopool to Herominers and I got a steady 45MH/s on both GPU with CORE 60 MEM 2600 and PL 130. No more over temperature and high fan %age.

That’s weird… The pool should not affect the hashrate or temperatures. Anyway, why do you mine Conflux instead of Cortex? It’s usually more profitable: What To Mine With Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Mining Calculator

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