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RTX 2070s & Overclocking help

I am into my first week of mining production and am still trying to tamper with overclocked settings to get the best hash rate for RTX 2070’s and 2070 Super’s. I’m wondering if anyone can give me advice and who is knowledgeable with how hard I can really push these cards without taxing it too much. Below are my current settings. I 've had a few reboots last night with underclocking the core (-200-500) and overclocking the memory (+1600) and found out this morning to use the absolute core clock to save power consumption.

This also bring up the question is how can overclocking the core save on power? How does the absolute core clock differ from just a “core clock”?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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So basically the OC is changing the settings from standard to custom. lets say you cards core work at 1300MHZ. Absolute like you have them now is telling it directly to work on 1000 MHZ while -300 tells it to work 1300 - 300 = 1000 ( but if its 1300 , what if its 1298, 1278 or something else). for example my card is running at 1112 core clock currently but is and RX 570 8GB . i think they are doing quite well dont push them too much.

I’m on the same boat with the RTX 2070S , did you found a better Overclocking for them?

No, what you see is my current settings. I tried pushing the super to 1900 but crashes the mining software after like 15-30 minutes of running. I’m afraid to push them farther and am worried they are already being pushed hard. Is 1800 (+600MHz) a lot of an nvidia card?

I’m new, trying to learn. Check this Iink hope it helps you .

the website suggests that 2070s make 40MH/s with +0/+500 memory . so you get 1800MHZ ( +600 ) and you get 42-43. You are fine and dont push them anymore. Better safe than sorry. thats why i havent modded my card and keep it 29.29 instead of 30+ with bios mod. safer and also have warranty.

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Can somone try these settings and confirm them on Raven and Eth?

Did you get the gugabyte card down on power?

My 2070 Supers stay cool and stable at these clocks:


You try on raven coin yet.?
Im curious to see if Redpandas overclocks work that well on Raven.

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what pool u use? and miner?

This is the settings I am running on the supers. They are staying at about 42-43 degrees with fan at 65% and between 91-92 watts

you can push the super to 45+, the hashrate is pretty consistent. check out my settings.

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