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RTX 2070 Super (Palit JetStream) - "Nvidia Insufficient Power" Error

Hello fellow Miners,
Faced an interesting issue with a brand new rig (6 GPU build).
GPU x6 “Palit GeForce RTX 2070 Super”
MB “ASRock H110 Pro BTC+”
PSU x2 “Thermaltake iRGBPLUS 1250W” 80PLUS Titanium
Corsair 2x16GB Vengeance
Intel i7 7700
USB3.1 Flash Drive 64GB (with HiveOS)

Miner starts normally, everything seems good and then the message appears saying “Nvidia insufficient Power”. HiveOS recognizes GPUs as “NVIDIA Corporation TU104 [GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER] (rev a1)” as on the screenshot.

This is my first ever mining rig, which I assembled myself according to thousands of YouTube videos, and I just do not know what to do. I wanted to run Windows on SSD but decided to go with HiveOS on Flash Drive cause it seemed easier and more efficient and now I just stuck with that issue. The fans are perfectly normal, GPUs too.

The only thing which bothers me is that on the GPUs there are x2 8pins connectors and I am using only one, cause I guess it is enough or maybe not. If it is not, then should I connect them with two cables in one GPU?

omg I never thought that it would be that difficult to assemble and enjoy mining (its been three days already I am trying to do something) So Thank you guys in advance for your help

This usually mean that external power not connected
And you confirmed it

There no screenshot attached.
First at all you’ll need to solve external power issue.
Second you’ll need at least v440.31 Nvidia driver.

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oops forgot to attach it. Thank you, I will connect them too and see how it goes. Here are the photos of my opus connected

Thank you for yesterday’s suggestions, it sees GPUs without any trouble but now I have this error and the miner is constantly restarting itself. Do not know what is wrong

Forget about Claymore! When last version of Claymore relased than this cards not yet on the market.
Use any of big list of supported miners - phoenixminer/ethminer/nbminer/gminer/trex but not Claymore and everything will be fine.

okay cool, will do now

Do you by any chance know why my interface on the display gets stuck after turning on? Can not even move my mouse over it.

Where? From browser or on rig?

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From the rig. It is mining, everything seems good it’s just I can’t see anything on the stuck screen

45 mh/s


Me ajudou. Eu estava fazendo 42,3 e agora faço 44,8. Obrigado.

I had to update my drivers to get my 2070 working. Well chuffed with the results and the first OC:

  1. Your PL not working properly because minimal PL for your GPU is 125W (you set as 120W).
  2. Better use absolute core clock vs core clock offset. Use 1035 and you will be surprised by the significant decrease in consumption without losing the hash rate
  3. For GDDR6 you can use higher memory clock. Try 1900.
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Thank you HaloGenius!

I implemented and get a 20W+ reduction in power and almost 1MH extra.

Edit: 1 reject has been there for 18hrs so not a result of your OC suggestion.

1 reject for almost 24h it’s not big problem. But sure you can find when you will get 0.
In other side it’s also depends from miner/pool/network and also there some miners for example reported rejected as invalid

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