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Rtx 2060 tu106 rev A. Card is not detected in hiveOs

Im trying to built rig with 6 rtx 2060 gpus but when i plug in 4 and 5 gpu i gettu 106 rev A and card info is not displayed… Anyone who have came across same problem please help…

What is your hashrate on hynix memory 2060?


Can you give me your oc settings?

When you switch GPU’s (with only using 3) do you still have the same problem?

I has this problem with the Asus 2060. It was connected via a x1 riser. I solved it in the BIOS of the motherboard. I changed the PCIe setting for that x1 PCIe slot to gen 2. Then it was recognized properly.

Some motherboards may not allow you to set a different setting for each slot. I think the guideline from HIVEOS is to update to the latest BIOS and set all PCIe slots to gen 2.

hello i have the same problem i have an asus tuf gaming motherboard gen 2 don’t do it how can i fix it can you help me