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RTX 2060 Overclock setting

hi, I am new to GPU mining. Can anyone lead me a way to set RTX 2060 overclock setting.

Hi, I can help you.
First, you set core 1050 and mem 2000. You have to work within 72h or more. After that you can adjust a little mem 2200 and still run 2 days.
Next, you will set core 1100 and mem 2400. This setting will work about 7 days.
Second, you set max with core 1100 and mem 2700. You get 32 - 32.5 mh/card
Good luck!

Hi, alright i will try it.
Thanks a lot

Hi! you’re welcome!


I have just one RTX 2060 on my rig with this OC configuration. I hope help you.

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is this working correctly as my fan speed is not appear

First, reboot your rig. Second setting core 1100 and mem 2000, P/L 125. Let it runs within 7 or 10 days. After that increasing a little mem 50 or 100 (2050 or 2100). after working 3 weeks, you can set mem maximum (2500 or 2700).

alright. Thank you so much

You’re welcome!

why do you need to wait a few days before the changes? sorry complete noob here

got a 2060 card recently, here are my settings. 31+MH with 90 PL (69 in use).

the gpu’s need a few moments to stabilize when you will change overclocking after 5 seconds you will not see a things that can happend like i don’t know randomly card is going to sleep or low mining speed and you need few days to check if they are ok

This has been my OC for almost a year now, I’m trying the third one with 2320 MEM because it’s been giving me ~2 invalid shares per day.

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