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Rtx 2060 oc hynix memory


Looking for stable settings for RTX 2060 Hynix memory.

My hynix memory card is consuming 95w, i want to try to get close to 77w.



I there is the same problem, the better result I dosed was 92w

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My plate is GALAX One Click OC

What clock setting are you using?

Fan 50%
Core 1050
Mem 2000
PL 125

With the same configuration my SAMSUNG card is consuming 77w with 32,60 mh while my HYNIX card is consuming 95w with 30,56 mh.

I’m looking for a setting to improve HINYX memory performance to lower consumption.


Me too,
Core 1100
Mem 2200
PL 125

Have 30,6 mh and 90W with HYNIX memory, with SAMSUNG on the same OC i’ve 33,1mh and 77W.

GALAX plate?


My setting 2060 with hynix : core 1050 mem -1004 PL 125, have 29,3mh and 80W.

With core 1100 and mem 2100-2300 PL 125 i had errors on GPU, so it’s setting for Samsung memory not for Hynix.
But with stable OC difference is 29,3mh (hynix) vs 33mh (samsung)


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Samsung allways better, low consuption more efficient.

What is your mh on Hynix memory with this settings?

Thank you very much for this setting.
My 2060 Hynix mem also error after a few hours with overclock mem clock. After use -1004 on mem clock as you suggest, I also got almost the same result as you just the power is a bit more.

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However, I found that this setting is also not stable. The miner stop every a few hours. If your rig stable, could you tell which hive os version, miner program & version and nvidia driver version that you are using. Thanks in advance.

Try with core 1050 and mem -1004, for me it’s stable settings.

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Thanks. What miner and version that you use?

t-rex v.0.21.0


I would like to know if anyone has any indication for this card. best I can get for her is this result.

Core 1050
Mem -1004
PL 125


I got my EVGA RTX 2060 Hynix mining on windows with this overclock

Core 1200
Mem 1200
PL 125

32,45 MH/s

I changed settings for 1050 core and 2000 mem PL 125W, it’s run stable 30,6mh/s 90W

With more oc on mem i had errors

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