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Rog Strix RX 6600 XT OC, methods for overclocking?

Hello! I just picked up a Rog Strix 6600 XT OC. Trying to undervolt and get stable 30 hashes minimum.

Not sure what OC setting to start with. Ive tried just running with other rx6600xt cards settings but cant seem to run a stable undervolt spread.

My question is… Should i input all OCs at once and set or, adjust one OC at a time, not sure where to start…

900 core, as high memory as is stable/gets highest hashrate, then tune voltages to find the lowest that’s stable

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Thank you that’s exactly what i was looking for!

What are some basic voltages to start at?

Should they be adjusted to identical levels or should one be slightly higher than the other?

Thanks again

You can look at the info bubble for each and it gives examples. The lower each one is the lower your power draw

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