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Rog strix b450-f gaming ii

I have a problem, every time I turn off pc have the white light on and doesn´t turn on.
I have to remove all gpus and have re-configuration in bios and then when it starts, reconnect all gpus. They know if there are any bios that do not have this problem. I am using the 4301 with a Ryzen 3 3100X and 6 RTX 3060. Thanks

Same problem on asrock b450 pro4. About to try windows

I solved it using a processor with video and after that I put the ryzen without video and everything was working

I have a 3000g with video. I go in to bios and set to run on igpu, and it runs just fine with nothing else connected.

As soon as I add anything to a pcie slot, riser or full card, I do not get video out of the igpu.

I also don’t get video out of the full card on the mobo.

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