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Risers, PCI-e Splitters Power

Hi all.

I have a BTS-S37 mining board with 4 GPU’s atm. I have 3 750w gold PSU’s with 2x2 8pin (6+2) conections. So its 2 cords with 2x 8 pins (6+2) but they are short, its like 5cm between the cord splits in to 2 8pins (6+2) (I know it sounds messy). Im powering without a problem 1 2080 super and a 1660s with one of the PSU, then Im powering 1 1660s and a 3060 with the other PSU. For the 4 6pin PCI-e power conections on the board I got a PSU with exactly 4 6pin’s (a left over from an ASIC miner).

The question is, I have 2 more GPU’s coming, 2x 3070 and I only have this one 750 gold PSU left, and since the split in those 2 cords that give me 2 8pins (6+2) is so short I dont know how to power 2x risers. So Im wondering if I buy some PCI-e splitters, can I connect a splitter to 1 each of the PCI-e power cords, so that 1 cord powers the riser and the GPU while the second one does the same job for the other card. Cant put up pictures atm, but can provide them later if anyone didnt really understand me (I know it all sounds messy and gibberish, sorry for that).

Thank you for any help.
Best regards, D.

From what I’m understanding you correctly, I don’t think you really need to use the 3rd PSU. My calculation of the amount watts you would be using is around 625w. With two PSU’s being 1500w. The wattage is going to be less than 50% I think if you include the CPU wattage. 50% is where the PSU operates at the most efficiency.

If it was me I would get splitter(s) like below if I didn’t have enough cables coming out of PSUs.


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