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Risers conaction

Hi, I have an issue with my 3080x12 mining rig, which is that the GPUs are connected directly to the power supply and everything is good, but the risers are connected via SATA cables, which the hive os team warned me against. So now I want to fix this problem, but there are some things I want to confirm with you so that I’m on the right track.

First, I’m using two different power supplies - the first is an EVGA 2000W and the second is a 2400W power supply made specifically for servers from China. The two power supplies are separated from each other. I’m using the EVGA to power the motherboard and 4 GPUs along with their riser, and the other one for the rest of the GPUs and their risers.

Now, after trying to change the cables, I found that the Chinese power supply came with 6-pin to 8-pin cables. When I tried plugging it into the EVGA power supply and connecting it to one of the risers, as soon as I hit the power button, the cable shook and the system didn’t start up. So I unplugged it and tried starting up the system without it and it worked. So what’s the issue here and what’s the solution?

I should note that I disconnected all components except the parts I was testing on. Also, the EVGA power supply came with an 8-pin to 6-pin cable that I can use. I’ll attach a photo of it. I want to ask if it’s possible to use it since it plugs into the 8-pin slot on the power supply and then into the 6-pin slot on the riser. I want to make sure that won’t cause any issues.

I also noticed something about the cable that came with the riser - it is a 6-pin to SATA cable, but the issue is that when I looked at the 6-pin, I found that there is a missing pin in the middle at the bottom, and this is repeated on all the risers. It seems like it’s from the factory. So I wanted to make sure that this won’t cause any issues.

i cant add any photo, but you can search on it online

evga 8bin to 6bin

riser 6bin to sata cable (see the miss bin one)

Do not mix and match cables with power supplies they didnt originally come with, good chance of damage or fire

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