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Riser powered with sata

I ran out of cables (psu need to come with more pcie cables :frowning: ) and decided to try sata. Before you say about not using sata because of limited capacity, I used two :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Normally you can parallel supply cables to increase the capacity of the wires.

The riser came with dual pcie 6 pin connectors, so used 2 of the sata to pcie adaptors. Before you try to warn me ;), I have already ordered some pcie cables. However, after a couple of weeks, I noticed the sata connectors warm, but not much.

These connectors are wired with 3 pins to 2 cables for the +12 V. Supposedly these can provide 4.5A for each connector, and since it is the same cable as a molex, it should provide up to 10A, though most reference state 4.5A for the entire cable.

Either if you are using sata, or need to, an option I haven’t seen mentioned can be to double the connectors

As long as you don’t exceed the rated power levels of the size wires in the cable, and connector types you should be good.

indeed and you are splitting it among 2, so each connector should have half the load. Supposedly the max load on each connector would be 37.5W. Much better than risk running 75W off a 54W sata connector.

Finally got my cables today, and the sata wasn’t warmer than 90-105°F, so well within any cable’s specs (140). Also checked visually the connectors, and all looked good.


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