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Riser overheating issue

hi everyone,
I have a problem with my riser or my gpu ( strix 3060 ti ). when i plug in gpu to my rig ,riser is overheating and stop mining. then >Autofan: unable to set fan speed , GPU driver error, no temps comes up. I tried almost everything but no change i change riser , power cables but result is same. Is there anyone who has any idea about this? Or i should return the gpu? thankss.

Are you managing your GPU/rig from the mobile app or the web app?

Is auto fan on or off?

Have you tried setting fans at 99% in the GPU overclocking setting?


I am using both PC and mobile yes i turned off auto fan but nothing change gpu is cool but riser is over heating when i touch the riser it is burning

I’d consider replacing a riser, reviewing how you are powering the riser, and how you are powering your GPU.

Some GPUs will pull more than the 75w PCI power spec from the socket. This will beyond SATA power connector levels and put stress on the whole riser system from socket to power supply.

A quick search of riser meltdown fires will provide enough pictures to prompt a resolution quickly.

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