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Riser held by glue

Got a riser that when I tried to remove the molex, came off with the socket. Tried to peel off the foam, but that was securely attached, unlike the components.

Turns out that they either hardly solder or didn’t at all. Maybe they learned to solder at nasa, where the weight of solder counted. Among these seems that the pcie connector wasn’t properly soldered either (hard to see, since the foam was hard to remove). Maybe the reason for some intermittent noise. Didn’t get that far, since I was just plugging in the cables.

Maybe you need to jiggle the parts to make sure these were properly soldered :frowning: If you end up with something in your hand instead of the pcb, the glue wasn’t strong enough lol

Should we start requesting that the foam isn’t attached at the sale? It is annoying but would allow us to take a look before using the riser

Not great pics, but seems the usb, pci, molex weren’t very well solder. On the positive side, seems the caps were properly done.

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