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Rigs suddenly stopped mining


I have 2 rigs on the same account, which are with different locations.

Suddenly both rigs stopped mining. After manual restarts, they don’t update in HiveOS.

Is there a problem with HiveOS? seems fine.


Have you checked the poolside activity to confirm the results there match what you are seeing?

fwiw: I have a couple of rigs which do not like restarts with the 30 second cooldown. They require a manual intervention while “restart” works fine.

Both restarted manually and Ethermine shows as working. I have a 3rd rig on Windows and it mines, but these on HiveOS currently not.

Ethermine shows your (2) HiveOS rigs are working?

If so:

It doesn’t show any of the 2 rigs as working. They are not mining, but my 3rd rig, which is on Ethermine also shows up as working.

They are offline in HiveOS.
They are offline in Ethermine.

Assume they are down or otherwise disconnected locally and will require local intervention.

I’ll have to check that up. My motherboard shows when they are connected to the internet, but I may try to plug & un-plug the cable.

Along with that a new installation, which I didn’t want to perform, but may help a lot.

HiveOS itself is cloud like control of rigs, so, need to get to cloud.

If you have a direct ssh system setup, you can go to the rig directly.
fwiw: I use smart PDUs to be able to toggle power or sense power draw as well.

Good luck. Sounds like some rig or local lan/dns debugging ahead.

Great idea, which I had to follow 2 years ago. I keep forgetting, but it’s time to make it come true. I also suspect a broken hiveos installation.

Bummer when rigs are spread out, I am on multiple ISPs and locations as well. Secure remote control is a life saver.

Good luck!

PS: bring a freshly loaded SSD with the rig.conf file with you :slight_smile:

Already prepared the rig.conf and waiting for Belena to add the new HiveOS


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