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Rigs keeps crashing

Hi everybody,

Im currently running my setup with 8 x 3060s EVGA (same model), I started this rig about a month ago and it was running just fine. Recently It just keeps turning off for some reason, It doesn’t appear any error messages, it just randomly shuts off. At first, I thought it could be power issues but I don’t think that’s the case because I have a 1000W connect into 5 3060s and the mobo and a 850 connected into 3 3060s and into the cpu. I also have a 1800W limit on my breaker. I also can’t update my nvidia drivers, because im mining ergo on it. It seems that 3060s are really weird because if I update the nvidia drivers to the newest version it doesn’t reach full hashrates. There’s already articles about this topic but yeah. Any ideas or tips to fix this issue?

Mobo: BTC B250C OEM (5.12 03/26/2021)
Cpu: 2 × Intel® Celeron® CPU G3900 @ 2.80GHz AES
GPU: 8 X Geforce RTX EVGA 3060 GGR6

whats the MH/s you get on Ergo? you should get around 100.

I get 121 mhs

Off topic, but are you able to share your BIOS settings for this motherboard?
I am unable to get HiveOS to identify GPU’s and I believe it has to do with BIOS settings.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, I’ve just the same problem with restarting and no erros. I’m also using the BTC B250C OEM (5.12 03/26/2021) Did you solve your problem? Could you provide some more infos please?

I dont belive that this is a problem with the psu or risers. Also I have one RIG with 3070er and one Rig with AMD 6800 and both are crashing. Sometimes after one hour. Sometimes after 30 hours…

hello, I have the same problem as you with the same system, BTC B250C and Intel Celeron G3900, everything works for a few hours, 3-10-20 hours, it is random and then suddenly the system goes offline without encountering any error … I have friends who have the same motherboard but with different processor and have no problems. Did you manage to solve it?

BTC B250 OEM (5.12 09/18/2021)
2 × Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G3900 @ 2.80GHz

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