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Rigs goes offline after a few hours, please help

my rig goes after a few hours offline… how can I see the error logs ? I also changed the motherboard…
RX 580 nitro, GigaByte GA-H110-D3A…
any idea?

Claymore mining? Check the directory of the version of claymore you are using. WHen you are at the rig and have your monitor plugged in, press CTRL + ALT + F2 and use “user” and “1” as your username and password to login. Then use “cd” command to move into the hive/claymore/vx.x folder, x.x being your latest. There you will find the claymore logs. There is also a hive1 log that I believe logs the miner data as well, but I have yet to find where this log is stored locally.

Hi Johnmuc

I have exacly the same problem , on the same GPU ,works for 3 hour and shut dow. Using the HIVEOS ,cannot found any problems on the logs .

Any body have identical problems where ?

After spend some time and investigate all hardware I found my problem ." One of the Fan on the GPU start get slower after few hour running " ,I cannot explain the reason why shut down the rig when the FAN gets slow .( I can see the temperature on the GPU increase a bit compare to other but nothing an big diference 8 ºC.

I have replace both Fan on this GPU and ,goes in 8 hours without any problems .

Still investigate why the Fan gets slow after run few hours .

Thank you for reply… Im using Claymore 11.9… but in the folder, there is not a log data…


I’ve got same problem.

Yes I noticed this too. I believe there is another temporary log file that hive uses, when starting the hive session, check to see what the path to that file is. If possible.