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Rigger App for Android

Hello friends!

I want to share my experience with Rigger App:

Rigger is an app for android, I’ve been using it until it stopped working with Hiveos2 in August2018.

I could monitor every rig and every gpu: hashrate, power consumed, temperature and fan speed.
Very practical thanks to its widget (attached image).

I have not found information about this app neither in hiveos forum nor in google, but after using it I can say that it worked well and it has been very useful for me.
I don’t know if there are any malicious hackers behind this app.

I would appreciate comments, thanks.

*Screenshot from my smartphone:

As HiveOS app from 0&1 is gone, has anybody else tried Rigger app, yet?
For me it’s just curious to log in to this app with my original hive login.