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Rigel miner not showing up

Hey guys, any help on how to get Rigel miner to show up on hiveos? I have the latest hiveos update but still can’t find Rigel under the miners list.


Are you using a browser? If so try clearing cache and or control f5

I’m trying to create a FL from the app, as I don’t have access to my pc while I’m traveling.

Is there a way to add the miner from the command line?

If the issue occurs while trying to mine IRON, then bug is there also for me

Neither TeamRedMiner nor Rigel display in miner availability. You have to select it manually and fill fields

How to select it manually? It does not show up on the miners list, (show all) also doesn’t display it. It only works from the web :confused:

Sorry I never use the app. for such purpose, only for monitoring and basci feature
You may do as well

I would, but I currently have no access to my pc, hence using the app.

HiveOS team should really consider this as a bug if I’m not the only one lol

its not so much a bug, but more the app store approval for app updates. new miners will take an undetermined amount of time to be integrated to the app based on this.

you can use your mobile browser in the meantime

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