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Rig x2 3080 LHR started to reboot after months mining

Hi there!
I have a rig mining RTM and ETH at the same time. Have been mining with no problems for a month but few days ago started to reboot like 4 to 8 times and then mined ok. But today just kept looping and reboot each 7-10 mins.
I have disconnected the second 3080 and its riser and keeps failing.
I have setup lower OC settings to both and keeps failing.
I have used different miners and keeps failing. Using now TRex and cpuminer opt gr.

I use USB 3.0 image instead a HD or SSD.
Could it be the problem? If so, speed here is important? I have some old HD with low capacity that could be installed.

Could someone post their EVGA 3080 LHR settings for mining?

Thank you && Happy new year all!

any errors?
using locked core clocks for the 3080s?
cpu temp reasonable?

No errors or logs.
Miner screen just Freeze and SSH fails.
Both 3080 settings are 200 1700 230 and returns around 73mhs.
Temps of 3080 are 40-55 and CPU around 45 to 55.
Watchdog is activated but have no reason to reboot It.

+200 on the core is way more clock than needed, for best results use a locked clock, 80s seem to be happy between 1200 and 1500. up/remove the power limit as well, should get 75 or so with trex miner, and improve stability

Thnx Keaton, so u says to change them to core 0 - memory 1200/1700 - power limit 240?

I have to say that now seems to be stable.
I have re flashed the hiveos lastests image to the same usb stick with balenaetcher and now it doesnt reboot. 18 hours and counting. Maybe its an USB problem.

Set the core 1200 instead of 0, memory as high as it will go and be stable, max fan helps in case if you’re having thermal throttling issues as well.

Probably, nobody will care but could give ideas to other hiveos users and miners…
I keep having random reboots at night but this time I catched directly the computer rebooting and I saw that the smart plugin (Meross), I use to control remote and reboot or shutdown my computer, rebooted at the same time.
The plugin should not shutdown if its an USB or miner problem.
So I plugged it directly without using smart plugin and seems to work fluently with no problems.
Ill keep updating this if I have more news.

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