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Rig works fine with Windows but 1 GPU fails in HiveOS


Just after a bit of advice please.

I have 4x rigs on HiveOS, all recently moved over but one Rig is constantly failing on 1x GPU (the same one each time). It fails where it is running at stock or on an OC, I have tried changing the Riser board, USB cable and motherboard connection but it still fails. I would say its the GPU but if I boot it to Windows it works completely stable for days. I have tried setting up a new install of HiveOS but it still does it.

Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions?

I can just run it on Windows but its just annoying to have everything on Hive but this one rig!

Thanks in advance.

hi. what kind of gpu? what values are u trying oc? What do u mean by"it fails" ? any error messages? does it starts to mine and crash after? Sorry but u really need to provide some real info about your issue so someone might be able to help u :wink:

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