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Rig won't stay online, therefore won't mine

My rig was working fine, except for one RX580 getting dangerously hot. I removed the card and continued to mine with no issues. At some point the rig went offline (if memory serves, internet went down) and I have not been able to get it to go back since. I have tried in 2 different locations - so different cables, servers and providers - with no change. Using a relatively new B85-BTC mobo, with a Pentium G3220 and 4G DDR 3. I have tried everything I know to do and am at a complete loss as to why it won’t start.

PLEASE, any help will be VERY much appreciated. Thanks

If the worker fully boots into HiveOS, have a keyboard and monitor attached.

From the command prompt area below


Post the output.

The worker never fully boots. The info boxes at the top of the page appear but never populate any info. Temps start to report in the individual card lines, but within 30sec to a minute, it all disappears before anything happens. On the monitor hooked to the rig itself, everything boots green, all cards recognized and the miner chosen, but again it just hangs there. The only red I’ve managed to see while everything is loading is (sorry, don’t remember exact quote) server not available. It flashes by fairly quickly, but i did make out that much.

Put the rig in maintenance mode. There are (3) options, Disable shown below, with drivers, without drivers. Let’s select with drivers. Apply. Then:

Reboot the rig.

Ok, still not mining, but it is online now. did the net-test and all but 4 passed. how do I post the read out so you can see it?

Not sure the red ones matter to me, I’m using Canadian servers and it’s the 2 and the 2 that are red (Failed).

Sounds like the network connectivity is fine…

The rig should be showing online right now, just now attempting to mine.

Is that correct?

If so, post the worker view like this:

Not sure how to do that

You do not know how to take a screenshot, edit it, and post it?


You do not know how to get to your worker view like the above at

lol, sorry. take a screen shot and post

I’m kind of a figure it for myself kinda guy and I’ve never had to do that - til now

Well, then you’ll have to do a bit of research for the operating system&browser :slight_smile:

In the meantime, power down, remove all but (1) the riser adapters/GPUs, lower your overclocking settings, turn off maintenance mode, and let it attempt to mine with a single conservatively set GPU.

Ok, thanks.

Did that, but now it won’t go online again.

Chose my original RX580 because it’s always been my most reliable card. But I guess that won’t matter if it still won’t go online.

I put all the cards back and put worker back in maintenance mode so I could send u a screen shot of what I’ve got now.

Here is the shot of the net test results.

I’d update the kernel, you are behind. While in maintenance mode:

Get into the shell interface and run:
hive-replace -y --stable

Let it install and reboot on it’s own, still in maintenance mode.

Get into the shell interface and run:

These look fine. It is software, hardware, and overclocking, maybe even power related soon enough.

While your 660XT’s are some of the most efficient Flux options, the rest are not optimal for that algo.

Personally, I spend a few moments researching your plan: