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Rig temperature inquiry

good morning everyone. my query is about the temperature of my rig. It is running all day and the photo shows when it reaches its highest temperature. is fine? Can it cause a problem to my boards or my power supply? Thank you

50 to 55c is where you want to be, 55 to 60 is okay, but some higher end cards will thermal throttle at close to those temps because of the memory temps. 70+ Too high for continuous use imo. As long as you keep the memory temps at 90 or below and gpu temps below 60myoir cards should last a long time.

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Hi Navarro !

Even your CPU TEMP is a little high (46)… and for your fan you should set them a little higher… FAN 75 and 80 for the top one :slight_smile: give it a try as the deal is simple : better change a (cheap) fan than burn a precious GC !!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Good Mining !

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