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Rig stops mining, seeking stable settings 1060 6gb and 1080

First post, new hiveos user. I’ve searched and found threads with various settings to try. I first started with ETHLargementPill and realized that didn’t pair nicely with a mixed Nvidia card rig. I have a couple 3000 series in here too. I’ve been currently trying T-Rex mt (memory timing) settings, even only doing one card at a time. I’m just getting so frustrated as no matter what it just stops mining.

Would someone mind sharing some stable/conservative settings to try for each card? Happy to share additional info, just let me know. I would greatly appreciate some help.
GPU 0 3060ti FE
GPU 1 Asus tuf 3080 (non LHR)
GPU 2 MSI Duke 1080 8gb micron memory
GPU 3:ASUS dual 1060 6gb micron memory

I am currently stable just working on 1080 for now…
“mt”:“0,0,1,0” then only changed fan speed to 70. No freezing . It’s running 33mh 47c 168w no crash at least.
So I just keep bumping Mt up until crash, then back down 1? Then try to dial in core,mem, PL?

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