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Rig stops mining Ergo

Hi there,

i’m mining ergo on a 1x1660ti and 1x5600xt rig. This worked for 22 days now, but out of nowhere the rig stops mining, without an error message. It goes offline.

After power off and power on it starts again, but stops after a few minutes. What to do now? Tried differend miners (LOLminer, NBminer, etc) but that doesn’t help. Hardware problem?

What exactly is the rig doing when it goes offline? Is it unresponsive? Or is it just losing network connection?

Have you looked at the miner logs up to the point where it disconects?

all of the above. It says it loses network connection (wifi sign with !)

where can i find the logs?

run net-test from the rig itself when it goes offline next, and post the results here.

    Power  CCLK  MCLK  Core  Junc   Mem  Fan
        W   MHz   MHz  Temp  Temp  Temp  Pct

GPU 0 64.9 795 6750 62 75 N/A 86
GPU 1 78.6 1021 900 61 67 86 43

Total 143.5

Average speed (10s): 59.45 Mh/s | 72.43 Mh/s Total: 131.88 Mh/s
Average speed (10s): 59.45 Mh/s | 72.43 Mh/s Total: 131.88 Mh/s
Average speed (10s): 59.45 Mh/s | 72.19 Mh/s Total: 131.65 Mh/s
Pool not sending data for 300 seconds. Reconnecting.
Lost connection to stratum server or server not reachable.
Trying to connect in 5 second(s)
Average speed (10s): 34.92 Mh/s | 41.88 Mh/s Total: 76.80 Mh/s
DNS over HTTPS resolve failed - switching to standard resolve
Connected to (TLS disabled)
Subscribed to stratum server
New extranonce received: 5d88
Unrecoverable error by GPU 1.
Please check your (memory) OC & UV settings on this card.
Device 1 detected as crashed.
Closing miner and trying to call external script: ./ (–watchdog script)

Set a more conservative oc on the card that’s crashing. Lower clocks, higher voltages.