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Rig stops mining but I don't know why

hi, i added a new card to rig. Then Rig goes offline without any errors or issues. It only starts mining again when I reset it manually. It goes offline at least once a day. I am sharing the oc values. What is the problem ? ( Last card that I added to rig is brand gigabyt)

lower your clocks 900 2000 HR 60.4 power draw will be around 108w to 110w

rig should be stable


thanks for advice, I realized that one of riser’s lock wasn’t good enough than I fixed it. Rig is stable for a day right now. I hope that was the problem

My Rig works, but in Hive OS it says: No stats found yet, and nothing is added, as it was 13% to payout 5 hours ago, so it does not change. What does it mean?

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