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Rig stable on ETH but reboots on RVN


I’ve been mining ethereum on one of my rigs for several months with no issues. It is completely stable, no invalid shares, and never rebooted. I tried to switch over to Ravencoin the other day and it begins mining fine for a few minutes but then reboots the miner. It will resume mining until the next reboot a few minutes later. This rig has RX 580s and RX 570s (all 8GB). I am using teamredminer. I have another rig of RX 580s that runs perfectly on Ravencoin with the same flight sheet.

I have watched the miner log and I’m not seeing any errors. There are no invalid shares, overheating, etc. I’ve removed all overclocks and turned off watchdog. I’m really puzzled why it would be so stable with ethereum but have issues with Ravencoin?

Does anyone have any ideas of what I could try? I’d appreciate any suggestions.


RVN coin mining need more power from GPU’s … Adjust your core at higer speed also your volts… and check… Remember before any changes in rig stop miner apply and then restart…

Hey bro I have the same issue with my rx580 4gb, if u find any solution please share it. Hope we solve it

I have the same problem, with ETH zero problem but with RVN its impossible (3 3070 nvidia)
T-rex : rig reboot after few seconds
Nanopool : invalid Cuda error
Gminer : rig reboot after few second
I put the oc to basic config i restart, but nothing work.
If someone have the solution

Same problem for me with 6x 3060ti lhr, no errors, no messages, I juste see it has rebooted because of section “booted / miner uptime”
It happen every hour
here is a screenshot of log if it could help…

On eth and flux, no problem it running more than 7days

You find something until then ?


Si ça peu aider,
le problème semble être réglé (avec des cartes nvidia en tout cas) en utilisant l’ absolut core clock au lieu du PL,
même stock j’avais des reboot toute les heures ( 0/0/160 )
actuellement à +1450/+2400/0 les cartes prennent les watts dont elles ont besoin (166w pour la plus gourmande, 156 pour la moins), sortent 30.64mhs chacunes (3060ti lhr) et pas de plantage depuis 6h
ce que je ne comprend pas c’est pourquoi n’y a t’il aucun message d’erreur dans les logs…

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