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Rig shuts down / won't restart

Hey guys!

I recently went from USB to SSD for more stability. But I only got it to work for two or three days and it will suddenly shut down without any error message, simply shuts down.

Today the internet wen’t off in my house, and so did the rig after a couple of minutes the connection was lost. Yes, I know you will say it’s the Watchdog, but nope. “Don’t reboot if the internet is lost” is ON. Anyway sometimes when I try to reboot the system, it shuts down and won’t reboot again. That happens when I hit reboot from the web interface or after a system update.

Tried Hive-Replace but seems to be that didn’t change anything.

Any ideas?

so no lights/fans shut down?

It’s a full system shutdown. Like when you shutdown the worker.
I have to manually turn it on every time it happens.
No error alerts, just the offline one.

Check this setting on the worker.

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