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Rig shows different hash rate for same GPUs

hope you are doing well
I have a rig with the same RX-580 GPUs but the hash rate of GPUs differ, I have attached the photo of my HIVEOS too,

as you can see the GPU0 and GPU1 are normal but the remainders hash rate is around 8 mhs
thank you

Where are your OC settings at?

I didn’t OC right now, tested OC with OC all GPUs work well for a few minutes after that some decreased hash rate and a few states will be N/A on HIVEOS

Set your clocks, tuned per each card. Don’t mine at stock settings

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why the GPUs hash rate is too low without OC, I considered GPUs with Samsung FB chipsets to be normal but chipsets with Samsung FC chipsets have problem with hash rate around 8mhs.

thanks for your replies

Don’t mine without setting clocks, default clocks are bad for mining.

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I’ve got a bunch of RX580s with Samsung FC and they are difficult to work with. Are you running stock bios on the cards or have they been modded? After I modded them with PBE they started working better. Im lucky to get 30mh on the FC’s

Thanks for your response
with stock bios the mhs is around 8 mhs but when I overclock the GPUs it will be 29.6 mhs
this issue is just for GPUs with Samsung FC memory cards

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