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Rig reeboot on 50° C

greeting, rig me constantly when the cards exceed 50 ° C it throws out this error (it’s a 3060Ti LHR v2 Zotac Twin Edge)
this happed on eth too no just on ergo
does anyone have a similar problem like this and does anyone know how to solve this?

Hi there,

System reboots might appear from Low income or
Low outcome Voltage so check the system stability with a Health power Supply to get mainboard stable voltage./Make Rig power supply independent with any other electrical machines.

Also CPU & GPU units as a thermal units of every system should be checked for every 6 or 12 months about these parts:

Check the Fan SPEED performance; Check for any extra noise that might be needed to change the Fan.

Make Clean Heat-sink from DUST for Every weak with a Hair dryer or blower which dust on sink brings down fan’s effectiveness.

The thermal Grease on the Gpu’s Core must be changed with a new one So Pay attention How to open Gpu Cart for reassembling issues and ALSO look for any INFLATED Capacitors. Always Capacitors will become inflated and damaged in the major of long Hi thermals or Hi Woltage of Power Supply issues. In this issue you might need to get help with a service center.

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