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Rig rebooting after due to heat


After last upgrade one of my rigs keeps restarting the miner due to overheat on the CPU integrated gpu. This never happened before and i dont know how to stop it.
The log complains about gpu 00:02.0

Please advise

can you post the logs?

Here they are

you seem to have set your critical temp to 66c, is that on purpose? if it is, the software is doing what you told it to do


I think i did not explain the my problem correctly. My rig has 10 GPU’s the GPU with overheat error is an 11th GPU, from what i can see the overheating GPU is the CPU on-chip one.
I haven’t changed the auto fans setting in a long time and the GPU with the id 00:02:0 should never be mining.

Here is a better picture of the logs

You can:

  1. disable your integrated graphics in the bios
  2. up the temp limit you set from 66c to something higher or remove it altogether, most gpus dont throttle until 80-85c.

Ok i will try your solutions. But this issue was introduced on the last update, can it be reverted?

You can always downgrade to previous versions if you wish. But i would do one of the two options i mentioned to fix your issue