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Rig Randomly Runs into Errors and Stopping Mining

I have 5 Rx 580s and 1 Rx 570. When using teamRedMiner to mine, around an hour or so after mining started (this became more frequent the more times i restarted the miner), one of my GPUs would show that its memory clock was a lot lower than the others before causing an error “GPU 2 has been detected dead”.
I switched over to NanoMiner to mine the same coin (Firo) and it ran well, but after 2 hours mining stopped and it gave me the error that Gpu2 hang up. My discord HIVEos Bot sent me errors saying : " High CPU load: 19.00 17.84 14.15". which is weird.
Any suggestions would really help me.

lower oc each crash and reboot
repeat until stable

I am running the rig with no OC’s as that was my first thought. Nanominer crashes less often but every few hours it gives me the error Autofan: GPU temperature 511 is unreal, driver error

Ah thats good to know, so that error is a power delivery error, almost always caused by a loose or burnt pcie cable.

Could also be a card not fully seated into a riser or slot, bad psu, bad slot/riser or even a faulty card, but 99% of the time it’s a burnt cable. Check that first