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Rig Random GPU Not responding


I am using 9x 3060TI. After a few min or hours one GPU Starts not to responding.

OC settingen are
-500 core
2000 hz

Normal Settings which should work. All GPU and Riser are connected by PCI cables.

I am Using a 1500W and 1000W PSU on an Asus Z170 Gaming. It Runs with a SSD

Sometimes it doesnt even Show an Error Message, the Rig Just restarts. But by restarting it Freezes sometimes. When i Check the Log (which ist created every 2nd or 3rd time) it says “wdog Threads(s) Not responding”

Can you Help?

Make sure you balance the wattage between PSU’s and second put your core at -200 and check if you have the same problem…

You mean Not all GPU on one PSU? I have on the 1500W Platimax 5x 3060Ti +SSD+ Mainboard (Pentium 4560G) and on the 1000W DARK Power 4x 3060TI + 8 fans

-200 clock doesnt help

Most likely the problem is with the PSU.

Check all the cables in all Psu’s (to the cards and to risers) … make sure u don’t have burning staff… In your situation a make all the connections from the beggining to make sure is all ok… this error (freeze) is hardware error… (maybe one card have a problem…, maybe your memory (reseat change slot ) have problem or your ssd …) search !!! Freezing your rig without error
is Hardware Problem…

It’s just freezing by restarting…and it Just restarts because of losing a GPU.

OK i’ll try to Test every part and give you a feedback

I have checked all cables again. And I really can`t find the failure. Mostly GPU 3 is lost. I tried it with different PSU now, GPU 3 is connected by a ricer to a PCI 3.0 1x


Also when I use a Kolink adapter to split the (2nd slot) 1x PCIE x16 to 4x PCIE the GPU 3 is mostly lost…what I want to say with that, it cant be the 3rd PCIE slot because GPU 3 is connected to the 2nd PCIE slot by the Kolink adapter (just a few times it is another GPU). Furthermore the rig doesnt start as soon I connect 4 GPU to the Kolink Adapter (i have also testet it with a 2nd adapter - same problem).

The error log does mostly show me this:

GPU 3 still has 133W Power, but its hashrate is 0... (also when i change the GPU, its always GPU 3)

sometimes it `s another GPU …

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