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Rig-problem - mining stops after somer hours (5 x RX6800)

hi guys,

my first rig with 3070`s runs great and stable.

My second rig with AMDs (but I am not sure if its a problem by card-type) runs not stable:

After about 8-10 hours mining stops and I get error message " > lolminer error". When I click on the error-message it says “Device 4 detected as crashed.” Last time it was “Device 2”.

  • I tried Gminer and also PhoenixMiner. With TeamRed Miner I get a very very bad hashrate. Same problem, onyl hashrates differ a bit.
  • To solve the problem I need to shutdown the rig completely and start it again (restart via HIVEOS UI / Shutdown and reboot is not helping.

Any ideas?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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