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Rig not working properly

Hi all, I am new to Hive OS, I am using TB250 BTC PRO Biostar Motherboard with 4 RTX 3060, 8bg RAM, 7gen i3, and 2 Gigabyte 750W PSU. When I am connecting the 5th GPU either RTX 3060 or RTX 2060 it’s not working. Also a while I have set a watchdog for the hash rate for the 4 GPU’s so if I am not getting 480MH/s it is going it restart , but while checking the GPUs are recognized but not working. Can anyone please tell the reason for this , what should I do

well, stop the watch dog first to dont get too many erros, then check miner logs or something to see what happens with the other GPUs i dont see them on the picture.

I have not connected 5th GPU now, I am using only 4 RTX 3060 and they usually work fine but when I try to connect the 5th GPU, everything run but no display or nothing is showing in monitor ,but the CPU fan is running all the GPU’s also run properly, I have connected one of the GPU with the monitor, is that the problem? Also, when I am checked with Biostar they are telling me that I need more PSU, my rig is not getting sufficient power, and I am running the hive os with a USB bootable stick.

If you have connected the properly you should have enough power. I would connect 3 cards on one PSU and the other cards on the second one. Does the two PSUs power both the mobo and pcie slots?

I don’t understand what is the problem, is the hive os is not stable compared to Windows 10, or risers are not good or what else , I am running 1 RTX 3060 and 1 RTX 2060 on the Asrock motherboard and they are running fine no problem, What should I do any suggestion.

Make the cores absolute values. Maybe mem clock is a bit high.

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