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Rig not Stable

How do I figure out whats causing these gaps in the hashrate? On the pool stats it seems fine. Theres 10-15 minute gaps. I started with 8 cards all at stock settings. Slowly decreased power and increased mem on them 1 card at a time as its a mixed rig. Got things stable to where it wont crash and do a full reboot but I get these gaps still. I am using hiveon pool and GMiner. Almost seems like its the miner rebooting but the rig stays up.

Is there a way to view logs to see any errors? I dont get any errors through hiveos when these gaps happen. I do get some errors when the actual rig reboots but nothing for these gaps in the picture.

Hi SnowmanSimon,
Try to read log to see whats happen. Logs are erase with the rig restart by default. So remember turn on logs-on from terminal ssh or using shellinbox to keep a copy … Then reboot and if you get the same statics read the file:


I’m using phoenixminer but if you use other miner change the name.


Thanks for the reply. I think I may have turned the logs on while looking around. How do I access them tho?

You can try CAT command in terminal to read files:

cat /var/log/miner/[your_miner]/[your_miner].log | less

  • LESS is to pause if is too long

I prefer open that file in other program, like vcode or some text software (it’s much easier)

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