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Rig not coming on still after new PSU

Found my rig shut down about a week ago. No error messages on hive, no visual damage, nothing. Just assumed my main PSU took a nose dive because I couldn’t get it to turn on after I disconnected everything and just tried to turn it on from the wall with a dead man’s pins in the 24 pin connector. Nothing happened

After installing a new PSU all I’m getting is a click! What’s wrong with my rig. CPU, Ram cards, motherboard?

Please help me diagnose. Thanks!!!

Do you have another working system to troubleshoot all the components with?

I don’t. I just have 1, 12 card rig. 3 PSU’s.

Added a new PSU. It clicks and doesn’t boot. And the other two PSU’s turn on and pcie lights come on but nothing else. The main PSU doesn’t come on connected to motherboard. Motherboards lights for the Ethernet cable light come on but cpu and main PSU pcie’s don’t light up.

I ordered a new cpu today. Will be here tomorrow.

What is your opinion?

if you have 3 psus you should be able to rule that out quickly. test the board with no cards, then a single card etc. reset cmos do the basic pc troubleshooting stuff etc etc