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Rig keeps rebooting!


I got a small rig with 3x GTX1060 6GB cards running with no problems. Earlier this week I upgraded my card in my gaming pc, so I decided to put my old AMD RX5700 card in the rig.

When I put the AMD card in the rig, it boots up, and loads the miner, then after about 10 seconds, it shuts down and reboot. (This happens in a never-ending cycle)

I tried with only 1 GTX card at the time with the RX card, works great! 2 GTX cards and RX card, works great! But as soon as I put in all 3 RTX cards, it crashes.

I’ve tried with Phoenixminer for both Nvidia and AMD, and I’ve tried 2 seperate miners for Nvidia and AMD.

I’m using a old power supply; Dps-1120ab a Lenovo 1120-watts

Any ideas if the power supply is my problem or could it be something else?

Picture from the rig when at idle.

after checking you configuration, it seems PSU is enough, i mean you get from this PSU 800-900 watts so you cant load it to the max. i thought at first it was your CPU overheating, but it seems you are using these new china boards which has like many PCIe slots on them riserless and they have mobile version of the CPU which can go high temps obviously. what happens if you OC only the AMD card? does it start mining when they are all 4 connected but only AMD OC?

Thanks for the suggestion!
Unfortunately it still reboots with only the AMD OC…

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