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Rig Keeps Rebooting after 10 minutes


I have two rigs running Hive OS. I’m having an issue with one of them running 6 AMD RX580s. The rig reboots itself after 10 minutes. I’ve tried moving the cards around, replacing the risers, nothing seems to work. I have two PSU each at 1000W. I have had the same 6 cards in another rig and had no issues. How can I troubleshoot? I’ve tried tailing the log file, but my session disconnects after the rig reboots. I don’t get to see the logs that caused the reboot.

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I am having the same problem. I am new to hiveOS. My reboots are much faster though, within 3 to 4 minutes. I believe I know why the reboot is happening, because I have the hashrate watchdog turned on. The trouble is: no matter what rate I set, it still comes up saying “phoenixminer, low hashrate (0Kh/s) restarting”. I tried other pools, many other OC settings, nothing seems to stop the report of low hashrate. What should I do?. 5 amd rx5500xt cards. I removed 1 gpu. Tried with only 4, same overclock settings for all. What can I do to get a working hashrate?? plleeease help.

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