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Rig keeps going offline over and over again / one card runs under specified PL

My rig is going offline time and time again.

Here’s my config:

I had the same setup with 6x 3070 and it worked without any issues. I tried but it won’t help.

Also the first card of my rig runs under specific PL after a few minutes. Eg the first minutes it runs like the other cards at 230 PL but it goes down to about 210 PL and therefore the hashrate drops a bit.

I’ve changed/tried:

  • Riser
  • PSU
  • SSD
  • Install a fresh copy of Hive OS with a new rig
  • different positions of the cards.

What can it be? I’m out of ideas

ПОСТАВЬ PL 0 иногда помогает

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