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Rig keeps going offline because of rx 580 and rx 570

my rig keep going offline , after so many troubleshooting i found the issue i have 5 cards : 3060ti lhr , 2x1070 , rx 580 and rx 570

i found out that whenever the 580 and 570 run together the miner won’t start and the rig goes offline i tried changing to the stock bios for both cards , i ran with no OC but same issue

i noticed that whenever i switch between the 580 and 570 hiveos run the 580 oc on the 570 or the other way around , it s like hiveos consider both cards like the same gpu and i think that s what causing the issue

What miner u use?

nbminer , i switched to lolminer but same issue

You can use Trex for Nvidia and Teamredminer for Amd… on the same flight sheet…

i tried it like u said with trex and teamredminer but same issue

Post a foto with OC settings inside your farm … also witch version Kernel u use?

kernel version : 5.4.0-hiveos #140
almost same OC for both 580 and 570

From what i see… you have problems…
For 3060ti LHR Core clock value at least 1500-1600 and because u have hynix mem 1750-1850 remove PL…
For rx 580 lower your mem mhz at 2150 max… (this clocks because u have Micron memory)
For GTX1070 Core clock at 150 and remove PL…(because u have high temps on core side…)
Also for miners use Trex for nvidia and Teamredminer for AMD on the same flight sheet…

Check this and PM with results…

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Micron doesn’t like too high MEM.
I run very stable at these settings

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