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Rig keeps crashing, please help

Ok so I just added more cards to my rig and when I tried starting it up to mining I’m running into some issues. Here’s the backstory.

I added a 3060ti and 3070 LHR to run on NBMiner/Sparkpool for the LHR unlock and mine Eth. I also have two 3070tis mining Ergo on Nanominer/Nanopool. Finally, I have 5 3070s nonLHR on T Rex Miner/Ethermine mining Eth. Basically whenever I would start it, everything would come on perfectly with expected hashrates. After a minute, all the 3070s running on T Rex Miner/Ethermine would just stop. After another minute one of the 3070s would flash “err.” I changed out the riser and made sure everything was plugged in correctly. Same result. I took out the 3070 that would flash “err” and oddly enough the same thing would happen but a different 3070 would flash “err.”

I also played with overclocks to see if that would help but all the OC was based off previous settings that were successful before I put in the new cards. Wattage is good and the PSU and outlet has more than enough headroom to accommodate all the cards so I don’t think its power related. I’ve even shut off the whole rig for half an hour, ate dinner, and came back and still the same issues.

Does anybody have any suggestions? I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for the past 2 hours and I’ve almost given up.