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Rig is up and running but offline on web

I run 7x3060 LHR V2 cards and In my area power outage is very frequent sometimes my rig will be running idle and in web the rig status will be offline. To get the rig up and running I should do manual reset on the mobo. What could be the issue here I don’t think its the network issues cuz its running 24/7 on inverter.

Run net-test from the rig when it shows offline (either locally with a keyboard and monitor, or from the same network with shellinabox if it is still connected.) paste the results here

When my rig goes offline and cant connect to shellinabox but I

got a frozen screen on my local monitor

So it is completely frozen and no longer mining as well?

What clocks are you running? Looks like you’re on an old software version of hive too. Have you tried updating to the latest image/software version?

The miner shows offline on web and the screen freezes completely.
I have tried updating hiveos not the recent one but it started to crash my gpu.
This is my config for mining

Your ocs will be what’s causing the issues, you should be using locked core clocks instead of core offsets on 30 series. No need for a power limit with a locked core clock as well.

1500mhz is a good starting point for those. Also, lhr cards typically work best with the latest drivers. I would upgrade to 510.60.02. Also, lolminer has the best lhr unlock at the moment, so worth trying that as well.

Did every as you told now the rig its even mining.

If it’s erroring right after it says connecting to pool, I would look at your pool/server address in your config. Also, you still have the +100 core offsets, you want to use a locked core clock around 1500mhz there. If your memory is stable where it was don’t change it to 1500 too. You can leave it alone.

This is my flight sheet

still the same problem.
My OC was pretty stable before

You don’t have the miner config filled out for alph

As u told I tried lolminer 1.48v & it gave a big boost of hashrate to my cards.
But after few hours all my cards started to mine about 0.5mh/s,
also i cant dual mine ALPH on lolminer the miner goes idle.

‘after updating Hiveos the initial problem for putting this topic haven’t shown ill update you if any thing comes up’

You still haven’t changed your overclocks from core offsets to locked core clocks. Core offsets will cause the issues you’re having.

After u recommended me lolminer the day after that t-rex miner (0.25.10) released their LHR unlock of 80% something ish. I corrected my core and memory clocks too, but after a power loss sometimes the t-rex miner drops a GPU on startup(every single time). It recognises the GPU but does not mine with it. The way it picks the GPU for mining is done by Rig reboot of hashrate watchdog. Is this an issue within the miner or it is the OC issue here

Curent OC and drivers

Problem of rig going offline is resolved by updating HiveOS

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