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Rig is offline on HIVEOS but actually online

After 5-30 minutes of my rig mining and being online on HIVEOS, this happened:

Based on HIVEOS my mining rig is offline. BUT based on my miner and pool - my miner is online and mining and it actually IS online. I have seen people having this problem several times here on forum but never seen solution.

Here is few thing I tried and it didn’t work:

  1. Changing from to one of mirrors (Helsinki, France, etc).
  2. Checking packet lose - 0% lose
  3. Problem is not in my router (using ethernet cable)

I have this problem for more then week and it is freaking annoying…

Thanks for help


Same here. Pls help @hiveon @Hive_OS_admin

I have same problem. did you solve the problem?

I have the same problem. How can we fix this?

same here

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