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Rig is not starting after restart without monotor plugged in


I am solving problem with my rig. My MB is Gigabyte B460M DS3H V2 Gigabyte and it has 2 PCIe 16x and 2 PCIe 4x slots. I am using PCIe splitter for 4 risers. 7 GPU cards are connected (3 rtx3080 and 4 rtx3090). If I connect the last one - 7th - rig is not starting. No video signal - I can’t even enter the bios. But if I unplug one card, doesn’t matter which one, rig starts fine. I can go into the bios and I can reset it into default values. After that, during system start, I can shut rig down, connect 7th GPU and start it up. Then the hive runs very well and it can mine. But if I unplug the screen and restart the system, miner does’t start… if I connect screen into 1st GPU again, it doesn’t start anyway. Only way is unplug one GPU, go to bios and reset it again. Any ideas how to run the miner without screen is plugged? I hope I described it well and understandable.

Your motherboard does not have any lines to support another GPU… Disable unnecessary services in motherboard (like audio -sata - e.t.c.)

I have done it and without success :frowning: More over it works fine with cleared bios… strange…

So i think 7 GPU does not support it…

But miner works fine after bios reset and screen pluged in GPU1…

BIOS update helped… :frowning:

Same here, any solution?

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